Medicinal Violence

by Connoisseur



released November 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Connoisseur Oakland, California

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Track Name: Heart Attack
I smoke every day

What did I do this time?
Oh god I can't find my weed!
I thought I put it down right here
But it's nowhere to be seen

What have I done to deserve this?
My worst nightmare…come true

Blame myself
Blame THC

Fucking heart attack
No wind's blowing in the
Oakland higher storm
Track Name: Your Ass Is Grass
Everybody better leave me alone
I've had a bad day and I need to get high
Everyone at work has been pissing me off
I'm over it, so fuck you all
Where the fuck is my weed?!
My fucking roommates
Who else could it be?
Gonna break in their rooms and murder them all while they're asleep
Rip open their lungs, smoke the resin, your ass is grass and I've come to smoke!
Track Name: Your Grass Is Ass
What is this garbage?
Cosmic shenanigans
Are you trying to kill us all
I think I'm going to puke

Gimme that bong back
Before you hurt someone
Who sold you this shit?
They should be shot
Your weed is beat and so are you
You're no connoisseur
Track Name: We Grind
We grind sometimes
And sometimes we don't
Sometimes we break it down
Track Name: Get Baked Or Die
Take heed for one day soon
The yetis will rise, wreaking destruction
You wouldn't want to be caught on the wrong side
When they come to separate the sober from the lifted.

Tell me when you face your children
Will you be able to blow the smoke into their eyes?

When Ben Stinett returns
Two choices: get baked or die.

I’m fucking serious!!
Track Name: World Without Weed
What if one day you woke up
And found out the world was dry?
For some folks that's reality
They live in a world without weed
I don't think I could take it
I'd fucking kill you all

(Smoke right now)

For some a harsh reality
They live in a world without weed
Pray to your stupid god(s)
May it rain buds from the sky
I don't think I could take it
I'd fucking kill myself
Appreciate the smoke
With the friends and the time you have
Oaksterdam hardcore
Weedsluts and grinders
Stoner violence
D.I. High or die
Track Name: Jointless, Spineless
Tell me where were you back in the day?
We were around the corner, just getting baked

You've lived your life wrong
for so many years
Now's your one last chance
will you be redeemed?

Lost moments…we could have shared
Will you still remain jointless, spineless?

Tell me where were you back in the day?
We were roaming the streets, and we were fucking blazed.
Now there's this part of you that I know
Just stay away from me at the grindcore show.
Track Name: Real Fucking Friends
Real fucking friends
Stoner family
We smoke each other out
When the other's dry
My brothers and sisters
Whose got the light?
Smoke up
Live high, die high
Always give the green hit
Live high
Live the high life

Oakland, California

Let's all get baked
Forget the petty things
Smoke to the dead
With those alive

Fuck yeah, man!
Track Name: Greatest Hit (feat. Purple Kate Kush)
Leave it all behind
There's no going back now
Smoke volcanic dope
In the belly of the earth

The greatest hit lies ahead of me
As this weed burns so shall I

Packed up the car
Full of weed
Said my goodbyes
To forever

Over the cliff, I fly
Ashes and smoke into the sky
Stoned in life, stoned in death
The greatest hit welcomes me
Track Name: Assassinate The Youth
Shotguns to the face
Assassinate the youth
Sell your baby
To buy more weed
Pro abortion
Pro marijuana
Pro getting baked and killing all kids

Shotguns to the face
Assassinate the youth
Kill your baby make a bong
From it's skull
Track Name: The Wizard
Oakland’s at war, we must fight
Use my wizard, he’s level 42
Cast the spell, dragonsmoke
Track Name: Hairball
Track Name: Stoned Yeti
Ben Stinnett
Stoned Yeti
Why have you left us here?
We need you now
More than ever
Nature has us in a chokehold
A firestorm
All out war
There seems to be an earth crisis
Breed the killers
Now Gomorrah's season ends
And now
Nothing grows
Six feet of rotten soil
This dead earth
Oil removed
Smoke filled skies on fire
We cleared the planet of trees, replaced with endless parking lots
We built a ghost town mall, out of shopping, drooling zombies
Ben Stinnett
Stoned Yeti
What have we done to you
Has pushed you out
Where your body melted under the sun
Wings of hash
Smoke from his body filled the sky
Blocked the sun
Crushed our lungs
That's the day that we all died
We will reap what we sow
Vengeance for the stoned
You will reap what you sow
Revenge of the stoned
And now nothing's left
The world's become
One vast wasteland
Half man, half hashish
When he melted
Earth became covered in smoke
All the plant life died
Starved to death
World leaders
Nuclear war followed
Nothing grows
Nothing lives
Nothing left to smoke
No one grows
No weedsluts
Orcs have left da club
Wake up
It's not too late
We can save the yeti and the earth
We must change
We must learn
We must help keep the yeti high
Get off your lazy ass
Ride a bike
Eat more kale
Stop cutting down those fucking trees
The machines
A new ethic born from pain
Behind the mask
Forged in the flames
We oversee Eden's demise
Track Name: Smoke More
When you're done smoking weed…smoke more