by Connoisseur



Recorded at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson, May 2013.
Guest vocals by Purple Kate Kush.
"Glaucoma" written by Nirvana
"High Til I Die" written by 7 Seconds
"Weed Edge Revenge" written by Project X
Lyrics written by Connoisseur.

Cassette released on HASH CRIMES, limited to 100 copies.


released June 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Connoisseur Oakland, California

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Track Name: P.S.A. (Penniless/Sober/Alone)
We all have masks we wear
Some visible, some buried
Some are made to entertain
Some hide deeper shames

They are dying in the streets
Penniless, sober and alone
And no one cares, we just walk past
No one sees them anyway

Don't we all need someone
To share a joint, share our days
Frostbitten hands cant roll anything, anymore
Grim face paint cant hide the pain

We walk through this world blind
We block our ears from their cries
We never know their names
We never look upon their graves

They toss and turn at night
The knife keeps on twisting
Aging faces clouded by smoke
How soon it all fades away

Wishing for all that they don't have
Good times, friends, and endless weed
They felt so high, they fell so low
And now they have nothing

And when their lungs cried out
Nobody even cared
Where were you when they needed you
Where were any of you
Track Name: Glaucoma
pay day, weed day, my day
gonna have a heart attack, need pot
i don't have anything, no pot
i just want something green, bomb pot
out of town, dealer gone, want pot
need the bud today, orc pot
one hour on the phone, score pot
one more at the door, with pot
My pot
Sweet pot
Sticky pot
Killer pot
Cali pot
Indoor pot
Weed pot
Pot pot
Track Name: High Til I Die
You smoke weed til you're 21
For me the fight has just begun
You turn your back on Connoisseur
It makes you think you're so mature
I don't wanna come down,
I'm always getting stoned
I'll just stay high from day till night
And maybe plant some clones
I'm gonna stay high until I die! (x2)
You gave up pot, now you'll die soon.
Ben Stinnett fucking will eat you
Apostates cannot stay alive
You forgot eighths are 3.5 grams
Track Name: Weed Edge Revenge
I'm as straight as the joint that you smoke to your face
I'm as dank as the bud sending you into space
I'm as harsh as that shit as it tears up your lungs
And I'll smoke you up as soon as I rip on this bong
There's no such thing as too high!!